APR Barre stabilisatrice – Rear – MQB FWD


Improve handling with these thicker stabilizer bars.

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APR Roll-Control Stabilizer Bars are designed to improve corner handling without diminishing ride quality. This simple, yet effective upgrade reduces cornering load differentials between your vehicle’s inner and outer wheels during cornering. In doing so they improve the vehicle’s under and oversteer balance, giving the vehicle greater stability and control, with increased grip. Each bar is manufactured using the latest high-end techniques to offer a strong, weldless design capable of withstanding harsh track conditions.

Front and rear bars are sold separately, but are designed for use together. Rear bars include a new set of poly bushings to further reduce undesirable suspension flex. Front bars also include new bushings, as well as new mounting brackets with hardware, and billet spacers. Lastly, where applicable, some bars offer further fine-tuning through the addition of multiple suspension pickup-points.

1″ hollow weight-saving design with two pickup points.

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Poids 5 kg
Dimensions 47 × 16 × 6 cm