APR K04-001 Turbo System – 1.8T Transverse – MK4


Drop in OEM turbocharger upgrade.

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No dates were ever given and many said it would never happen, but APR is proud to release our K04 upgrade kit for the transversely mounted VW’s. Our kit includes the K04 turbo, the compressor inlet O-ring, four turbo to DP studs, one manifold to turbo gasket, 4bar fuel pressure regulator, and one turbo to downturn gasket. This kit is a straight forward turbo swap that makes a big difference in the power output of the car. This kit makes solid gains in both horsepower and torque. With no other mods than an APR Turbo-Back Exhaust, the kit made 242hp/268lb-ft on 91 octane gas, and 245hp/275lb-ft on 93 octane gas. Although the exhaust is not required, it is highly recommended. Kit includes software.

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Poids 6 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 cm